perfection no longer feels like an illusion..

I arrived home, in my cozy house with the cool breeze flowing through my window. a familiar scent filling my room, settling me into so much comfort.

my heart so swollen with love and gratitude I could hardly breathe. this fear of perfection swirly around my head, the beliefs in my head always trying to overtake my heart. the word perfect making me feel so uncomfortable for years. no such thing as perfect. theres always something a little off. a little imperfection in the day, in the circumstance.

not yesterday. my heart won yesterday. a day of love and happiness, of actual perfection.

so much love and safety, the only thing I could do was get down on my knees and pray for grace and strength to be able to handle the overwhelming amount of love I felt. needing actual strength to allow me to not lose my shit with how much love I actually felt flowing through me.  

perfection// a day of good eats, of ice cream cones, guitar strums on the beach, twirling around on the sidewalk with my best friends. the cool air wrapping us up as the sun falls behind the mountains during the most remarkable sunset, to the evening ending laying in the grass listening to the waves crash with the stars being the only light to be seen, arms wrapping me up with so comfort and ease with the most beautiful human.

love is the answer. love is the answer. love too hard. love too deep. love endlessly. love openly. love without fear.

You have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness right now. -Wayne W. Dyer

I never actually knew what that meant before, love being the answer. How did you make love be the answer, to be the solution to all the fear and suffering you felt? Always confusing it with a romantic love being the answer. But woahh, how far off on that being the only kind of love there was to give to find fulfilment. Quite the opposite really.

Learn the cues of your heart, and open it with all your might.


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