The hidden beauty of Tulum, Mexico.

I found out about Tulum from my sweet friend Cleo; she asked if at some point during this year I’d enjoy meeting her there. She unfortunately couldn’t make it, but I had fallen in love with the beauty through pictures that I planned the trip away before starting my summer in Ocean City.IMG_2054[1]

In my early twenties, I did a couple trips with one of my best friends on cruises; it was such an enjoyable time having someone to go dancing with, someone to lay on the beach with, gossip about the beautiful guys we saw on the cruise, etc. However, when I started traveling solely three years ago, I realized how much I loved the solitary of my own company and the freedom of choosing whatever I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. I was excited mixed with a small pinch of nerves to share this experience with my best friend Breesha IMG_1115[1]when confirmed she was able to come along for the trip to Tulum. Having always been such an independent traveler, to the point that I sometimes found myself getting fussy internally when I was in group setting on a trip, I found it so refreshing to coexist so well with someone who found as much beauty in a country as I did. We also stumbled upon the opportunity to spend one day with two absolutely amazing French girls, and while the beginning of the day I had to keep myself reminded to not be fussy about having to decide and enjoy activities together, because as much as traveling alone is blissful, traveling with others who feel the love in the same places is even more magical. It was a really enjoyable lesson to learn, especially in such a magical location.

Oops, I think I was rambling. Back to everything Tulum!

For some reason this time around, I didn’t research the country as much as I should and was accustomed to and ultimately paid the price for it. the literal price. Went wayyyy over budget.

That’s my first insight on Tulum, staying in the beach area (which is absolutely breathtaking) is hella expensive! 

There are three sections of Tulum:

The village, town center (where everything is cheap and local!)

The beginning of the beach area (a small section of restaurants, shops, an amazing rock formation you can walk out onto to watch the sunrise, and scuba centers).

The beach/ resort area (a long stretch of resorts on the beach full of restaurants, and shops galore).


We stayed in the beach/ resort area in a really sweet Jungle Yoga Retreat called Yoga Shala. 

It was truly one of the most magical places I’ve stayed. 

We slept in a room that was facing the jungle, with no closed window, just a huge screen the length of our room. Rain storms put us to sleep a few of the nights, while we made friends with huge lizards scurrying across our screen.


I highly recommend staying at this eco resort, and partaking in the jungle yoga. 

Right across the street from Yoga Shala was this beach front resort called Ahau Tulum, woah talk about BEAUTY! We listened to live music many afternoons and drank tea at this little pop up tea cafe. On one of the days, while relaxing on one of the beach beds reading, we were able to get this incredible apple infused tea delivered to us on the beach, ohhhh take me back to paradise! 



On to, must dos!:


Do all of your shopping in town, very cheap and authentic souvenirs to take home– about 7US dollar taxi ride to get into town.


Take a tour to cenotes and sea turtle swims: it was about five hours long and worth every single penny and minute spent. I believe it was roughly $90.00. 

David from Tulum Cenotes Phone Number: +52 984 216 4492 or — an incredible tour guide! use him <3

We went to Centoe Dos Ojes and Centon Nicte Ha. We IMG_1540[1]then stopped for a delicious lunch and went snorkeling at Akumal Bay. They took us out about a quarter mile, gave us some snorkeling gear and told us to jump on in!


I stuck my head under the water and beneath me were SEA TURTLES just gracefully swimming around with each other. I get tears in my eyes thinking about it just sitting here today. I’ve had some pretty unique experiences in my life, but swimming along side sea turtles takes the cake probably forever.

You can do all of those above activities on your own, and most of the time I would opt for that option, however, I am so thankful that I did it through an organized get together.  IMG_1536[1]

We also went to Grand Cenote on our own and I highly recommend checking out this area as well.

Go to Muyil Ruins — Breesha and I decided to rent a car one of the days to wander over to the Tulum Ruins. While they were magical in themselves, I would opt out of experiencing them if I returned and head right to the hidden ruins we stumbled upon. We found the Muyil Ruins, about 25 minutes from where we stayed by car, and oh my gosh! We were IMG_2060[1]there completely by ourselves, and were able to walk down this lagoon boardwalk through the middle of the jungle. The gate was closed to enter that part, but we paid the guard I believe 5 US dollars each and he allowed us to jump the gate and experience this IMMENSE beauty solely on our own. 

Do a lagoon tour in the middle of the jungle-  manatees, dolphins, etc views via a guided boat tour.

Now lets talk food!

The Real Coconut

It is beachfront & has the most unique healthy food options I’ve ever stumbled upon. As well as being a remarkable restaurant, it is located on the grounds of a wellness resort & is seeping in beauty to explore after your delicious chia pudding cup!


La Eufemia

Banging tacos & tunes, with chilled out vibes – encouraging everyone to just “relax & eat some fucking tacos”. It’s super cheap with tacos starting at 20 pesos (just over 1 USD), and 2-for-1 cocktails.


Mateos Grill

Incredible sunsets & live entertainment. We ate here a few nights & enjoyed multiple 2 for 1’s during sunset on the hammocks!



They have extraordinary local cultural infused live music & food specials every night. I highly recommend doing a nice dinner here one night!

Lastly; lets talk yoga


There are so many absolutely breathtaking yoga classes throughout Tulum, I strongly encourage you take advantage of as many as you can!

There were countless pop up classes advertised on the 2 mile stretch of beach, so take a walk, meditate down the beach, & sign up for classes that are pulling at your heart strings.

The below are the two locations we signed up for in advance.

Yoga Shala! Jungle yoga!

Sanara Yoga! Beach yoga! Truly mind blowing.



Enjoy my loves. xo.

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” — David Mitchell





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