Chiang Mai (pt 1)

Ah, sweet sweet Chiang Mai. I am so thankful you were the first place tIMG_6864.JPGo leave a mark on my soul. 

Chiang Mai was the one place while planning my trip, I was certain I would visit. I stumbled upon breathtaking pictures of foreigners interacting with elephants,

an experience I was not willing to miss out on. So I hopped on a flight and arrived in Chiang Mai just a mere hour after leaving Bangkok.

img_6777I stayed in the Night Bazaar neighborhood, and I highly recommend you do the same! It is within walking distance of dozens of cafe, shops, a beautiful canal you can walk along, and numerous temples. It is also home to where the Night Market is set up once the sun goes down every night.

I stayed at this darling guesthouse, ran by a french man and his Thai wife. They were able to give me great recommendations and had bicycles to rent for $2.00 a dollar. I stayed in a room on my own, with a double bed, air con, my own bathroom with hot water, for $5.00. Soi Sabai Guesthouse is the name of the accommodation and I highly recommend!

I spent two days getting lost on my bike, stumbling upon the most beautiful sights, and meeting the most darling people. One of which ended up spending the last five days with me, in the south! Cleo, you’re a gem. 

I did two amazing activities while in Chiang Mai, a Thai cooking class with four other foreigners, and a visit to the most beautiful elephant sanctuary.


The elephant sanctuary was definitely theimg_70581
absolute highlight of my time in the North. I went to this beautiful village that rescued 12
elephants from abusive camps. It was an hour and a half open truck ride to the jungle, where you had to trek about twenty minutes to the top of the mountain, where the views were out of this world, and the elephants roamed free.

 The Sanctuary I went to, and the best in the area hands down.  <~ click me.

 Here’s a collage of the beauty. 

“I travel to be replenished with beauty, for travel makes the beauty of this world seem like a Christmas that never ends.”
― Carew Papritz

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